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My name is Nichole Robichaux.

I am Nichole, but most of my friends and family call me Nic. I have been in Real Estate since 2019, and I can't begin to explain how much this career path has changed my life. I was one of those people who couldn't find their niche. I was able to disguise that for a while as I was raising young children and homeschooling them full-time, so I didn't have time for a career. I worked as a waitress and a bartender, in spite of my education, because the hours worked for my family. 

However, my husband had the idea that I look into Real Estate, and after some mild cajoling, I started looking into it, decided to do it, took my class, took my exams, and here I am. I love my life as a Real Estate Agent. I still homeschool my children, and I can work my schedule around teaching them when I need to; this works so well for our family; it is fantastic. My hours are my hours, I am my own boss, so I decide when I work. Except for a weekly team meeting that I choose to attend, there is nothing set in stone regularly. 

Real estate is a fantastic option if you are looking for a career with freedom and the ability to have time for your family while still having a proper career. No matter where you live I can help you get started with your career. Contact me to find out more! My phone number is 985.788.3840 and my email is

Nichole Robichaux, AHWD®, LHC REALTOR®
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My name is Brandon Robichaux.

Brandon Robichaux, LHC, REALTOR®

I am Brandon, and I attended LSU for my degree in music where I also played trumpet in the Tiger Band and dressed as Mike the Tiger as the mascot after my years in the Tiger Band were up. I have worked as a DJ, and I spent the 10 years prior to becoming a Real Estate Agent as a Journeyman Electrician with the IBEW. 

I spent so much time at work during those last ten years that I decided I wanted to do something where I was able to spend more time with my family. I felt like I had no time with my wife and children before I took the leap of faith and became a Real Estate Agent. 

I have been a Real Estate Agent for about a year and it wasn't easy at first, I won't lie. If you have a large network of friends and family in your area that will be a big benefit to you. We live in an area where we don't have a lot of contacts and so we spent a lot of time just meeting people and growing our network. However, after about 7-8 months in, things started clicking and I have had some really great deals come in. I was able to make 4-5 months pay in less than a month with my most recent deals. 

So, if you're ready to take that leap of faith and bring your income potential to a whole new level with some hard work, contact me and I will help you take the steps you need to take to be a fantastic Real Estate Agent. It doesn't matter where you live, if there is a Keller Williams office in your area, I can help you get started in Real Estate. I can still help you even if you're not near a Keller Williams office, but that's unlikely as we're everywhere including many countries outside of the US. 

Call me at 985.503.8300 or email me at and I will get you started on your new career path today. 

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